“Now I Understand” – Breaking Down Stay Driven Album pt 4

I flew out to Scotia to record the track, and then I ended up flying out a year later to do the video…

This was the second track I had done with Class while in the studio over a couple of days…

Class had been going through beats and when he played this one it clicked as soon as I heard the sample.

I had been reading emails on my blackberry and I received one from a fan that told me that my music had uplifted her.

Class and I started talking about how music can do that.

The key to this was having White Mic in the studio… he was mumbling the melody for the hook and then started putting the pieces together… For my part in the hook it was just a freestyle. I was in the booth and Class kept playing the hook over and I’d try different things…

Shoutout to Cazh for directing the video!


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