“Unfinished Business” – Breaking Down Stay Driven Album pt 3

When I first got this beat from the homie Diz Dallas I was like – ‘Thats a dope beat.. .I don’t know if its my style though…’
The more I listened to it the more I felt like getting on it…
With the double time flow I was breaking it down from how I felt about getting into the game…

It woulda been so easy… just to settle but I didn’t buy in
Nothing was given to us, we was out there grindin
Had to put my time in, once I did knew I would be climbin’
I don’t really think they know what we doin… just imagine when I start tryin!
In the zone like Kobe Bryant…took off and we keep risin
They used to get up in my face, and be puttin me down worse than if they was Simon
Back when I was comin up…’member they used to say, that boy so quiet
But he got so much potential, if only he would apply it
When it came to the odds it was one in a million I was out to defy’em
How you goin win if you ain’t in the game mayne? It ain’t rocket science
Keep my eyes on the horizon’ like a D boy I supply’m
Difference is they be choppin’ to customers we be out here getting clients
But its like runnin’ in brick wall…get knocked down and I try again…
Used to listen to Hulk Hogan… told me to say my prayers eat my vitamins
Tryin to provide for my fam… spread my wings like Yzerman
All I wanna do is shine… and be the flyest man!


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