Heavy In The Game album Tuesday May 15th

1. Bill Russell
2. Interlude
3. Heavy In The Game (feat. J-Bru)
4. Interlude
5. Can’t Tell Me (feat. Famous, Sonreal, Chris Jackson)
6. Take It In (feat. Slakah the Beatchild)
7. Interlude
8. Back To Blazin (feat. Chris Jackson)
9. For Heaven Sake (feat. Slakah the Beatchild)
10. Interlude
11. It’s On (feat. Chad Hatcher)
12. By The Way
13. Interlude
14. Take Care of Me (feat. Miss David)
15. Be Alright (feat. Preetam Sengupta)
16. What You Want
17. She Likes You
18. Ah Yeah (additional vocals by Maestro Fresh Wes)
19. Shut It Down (feat. Rochester)
20. The Legacy 2.0
21. Can’t Tell Me (Original)

Track 1, 18 produced by DJ Speed for Muddbone Studios
Track 3 produced by Rich Kidd
Track 5, 8, 12, 14, 19, 21 produced by Diz Dallas for Jahronomo Inc
Track 6 produced by Marco Polo
Track 9, 15 produced by Metty The Dert Merchant
Track 11, 17 produced by Classified
Track 16 produced by Slakah the Beatchild
Track 20 produced by Malicious

Album is available for Pay What You Can download at:




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