Scotia Trip

I recently got back from spending a week out in Nova Scotia. Now I can’t wait to get back.

I got a chance to make music, rock shows, see friends, and best of all – see family.

There aren’t too many places you can go and do all of that!

The first stop was to see my man Classified. Next thing you know Mic Boyd rolls through.
After working with Class for so long, it wasn’t so much about making sure we recorded something as much as it was about catching up and listening to new beats. We talked about the first time we met up, almost 10 years ago now. Not too many cats still in the game that was doing it ten years ago!

Now Class is going out to do arena shows across the Country. It’s good to see people succeed that deserve to succeed.

As he went through some of his beats, I started typing a list on my blackberry – but then I stopped. Every beat was banging! It got to a point where I liked everything he played – and I’m picky when it comes to beats so this was a good thing.

The next day I was back at the studio but just as an observer. Kayo was in the lab and they were writing a new track for Kayo’s debut. I just wanted to come through and introduce myself. I knew Kayo was from St. Lucia so we connnected talking about the Caribbean.

From there I was back in Halifax, I thought about writing some business emails but decided to pop in the beats CD. Then I got out the rhyme book and proceeded to write a few songs. It felt like deja vu. The last time I was in Scotia – to shoot the Now I Understand video – I had met up with Class and then wrote a few songs in the hotel room right after. The first song was “She Likes You” which became one of my biggest releases, and the next was “It’s On” which I’m about to release in 2012.

After writing my third song, the phone rang – it was the fam.

I met up with my cousins and we went out to the Seahorse to see a dope funk band play – The Mellotones

On Friday I headed up to New Glasgow to see more family. The highlight being kicking it with my 97 year old Uncle Sonny.

The thing that amazed me was that he kept on saying “October 6th… October 6th…” He was saying my sons birthday. But how does he remember that? For the next couple of hours I was silent as I listened to story after story – many of them I’ve heard before – but it didn’t matter. When you are around older family members you treasure the time because you say “maybe this will be the last time.” The thing is I remember feeling that way almost 20 years ago. After all he was 80 at the time.

The next day I was up early for the drive to Cape Breton. It’s one of those drives that I look forward to – especially when there isn’t snow! It’s not like driving on the 401 where you have to compete with the traffic. It’s a familiar road and beautiful scenery along the way.

I showed up at my grandmothers house around 3. It looked the same as it always has. As a kid, I moved around alot but the one constant was my family. I’d been to this house for 30 years now. Looked a lot bigger when I was a kid though!

Before I went out for the night, I stopped at the neighbour for a beer – or two. They do a lot for my grandma so it was important to stop by and give my thanks. Its a tight knit community where people look out for each other.

Then it was time to head out. I had a show to prepare for.

My man A.G. rolled through to pick me up. He’s a young MC that I met by chance in a hotel elevator in Halifax. Since then we’ve kept in touch and he’s always encouraged me to come out to do a show. We even did a track together recently.

We did up the soundcheck and then I stopped in at a hotel party to connect with my cousins. That’s when I knew we were in for a big night. We spent some time catching up and then A.G. came back to give me a ride to the venue.

It’s always good to walk into a crowd. You know its not going to be “one of those nights” – when the venue is half empty and you have to create the vibe. I could feel the vibe walking in.

When it was time to perform, I already had a packed dance floor. Even though I had family out here, you never know what the response is going to be like. If you are going to have to call people to the floor or if they came to get down. I’m glad this was the latter.

And the spot was live! I did a few Art of Fresh tracks at the end as an encore, but then they wanted to keep going!

We ended up at another bar for an after party before calling it a night.

On my final day I took it easy in the afternoon… ran a few errands for my grandma, stopped by some family, and shot scenes for a video with A.G. I had planned to connect with my cousins in the evening, but after a week of non stop action, it was good chilling on the couch kicking it with my grandma.

As I got on the plane for the flight back, I was a little tired, but refreshed. It was a great week and even more, I felt like the mission was accomplished.

Now time to plan the next trip… I’m serious… I’m checking flights right now!


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