Was chillin in London last night… went out to see my man Sese perform.

When I arrived at the spot, the first person I saw was my man DJ Everfresh.

It had been a few years since I’d seen him. The thing about Everfresh is that he is always hype. Its great. You can’t help but feel hype by hanging out with him.

We were talking about the show we did back in the day in Lethbridge, Alberta. It had been my first time in the ‘Bridge. I’ve been back several times since, but this time we were out there with about 12 of us. My man G had made this show happen and we were excited to put it down.

I had a good time on the trip, but my memory of the show was how I didn’t get to perform. I was supposed to be the ‘headliner’ and go on last but for a variety of reasons – show starting late, sets running long, etc I didn’t get a chance to go on.

As he was introducing me to people last night Everfresh brought up the soundcheck. “You should have seen this guy at the soundcheck!” he kept saying. I had forgot about it. The soundcheck is usually when you are just testing out the mics. But the thing was we did a soundcheck in the middle of the student common area. There were people walking by and we would draw them in. I would kick freestyles, Everfresh would spin tracks, and the rest of the crew would perform tracks and get people hype for the show.

Even though it was six years ago, I love how the soundcheck stuck out as big part of that day. Just goes to show that you always got to bring it when you have an opportunity on the mic… It’s not always at the show that you make the fans – but before the show is just as important.


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