“Small Town” Breaking Down Stay Driven Album pt 9

“From a small town always had big dreams…”

Rappers always talk about how they come the hood… even if they really aren’t. It’s not often that you hear a rapper talk about coming from a small town.

Growing up we never considered “Sarnia” to be a small town, sure it wasn’t a big city, but it wasn’t that small. When I moved to Toronto I was surprised people had never heard of Sarnia… “wow that place is far!” they would say.

I don’t think that growing up in a bigger city would have helped my rap career… I would never have met my man Slakah the Beatchild who did the beat on this track and is half of Art of Fresh. I would never have met Diz Dallas who produced half of the beats on my last CD.

“Small Town” also features my man Andrew Austin – also from Sarnia – on the hook.

We’re going to be releasing a video for it, but in the meantime check it out here…


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