“Gentleman feat JRDN” Breaking Down Stay Driven Album pt 6

I was tired of hearing tracks from women who kept on saying they wanted a thug and a guy from the streets… Tracks like Destiny Child’s “Soldier” and Ciara “Can’t Leavem Alone”… I’m not mad at the thugs I’m just sayin why can’t you look for a Gentleman!

Over the years I’ve watched girls only date thugs and time and time again they come back upset… it’s almost comical…

So when I started writing Gentleman I wanted to do it for the guys who are good guys, grinding hard, doing their thing…

Originally I sung the hook on the track but I knew that Jordan would be a perfect fit. So I hollared at him and we put it down…

Shout out to Diz Dallas for putting down a dope beat!


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