“Watch Out” – Breaking Down Stay Driven Album pt 1

“Watch Out” is the first track on Stay Driven and is produced by my man Rich Kidd…

I first heard the beat while on tour in Western Canada… I was in the ride with Slakah and G and we were going through beats that Rich had sent me… My process of choosing beats is simple. I don’t really put a lot of thought into it, as soon as I hear something that makes me bob my head I know I got one. That’s what happened when I played this beat. The three of us were bobbing our head and Slakah was like “You got to get on this one!”

When I was in the studio I was thinking about how to attack it… It’s a hype beat that I knew I could throw on at the beginning of a set to get the crowd hype so I wanted to bring a lot of energy on it. I started to put a flow on it that I had used a few years ago on a track I did with Slakah called “Break Down The Gates”… that’s why the first couple lines are

“I’m feelin good like a million dollars plus tax… breaking down the gates now we tearin off the latch!”

The ‘million dollars’ line was slang that my man DJ Cub had put me on to back in the day… It came to me because I thought about how this would be the first song of my live sets and how when I grabbed the mic I would be feelin good!

My favorite time performing this track was in Hong Kong. DJ Nana was spinning and wheeled it back a few times to make sure the crowd got extra hype. This is one of the joints that I even if I’m not turning around I know Nana is getting animated when it comes time to letting the crowd know they got to WATCH OUT!


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