15 Years Deep…

A couple of nights ago I had the chance to throw down in a place I came up at – Sarnia.

My man DJ Monk put on a Hip-Hop show and had me in as the headlining act.
There were a lot of local talent on the bill – from Don Kronic and Freestyle Fiends to Sporadic, Academy, SWC and MDK.

I really didn’t know what to expect. I hadn’t seen a Hip-Hop show in Sarnia for awhile, but as soon as I came in I saw it was going to be a fun night. SWC was on the mic and the crowd was going wild – even jumping on stage to get down. It was good to see that Hip-Hop was alive in Sarnia. All of the acts came through and represented.

When it came time for me to hit the stage it was great to see friends and fans that have supported me for 15 plus years in the game make their way to the front…

We didn’t get a lot of footage from the night, but you can check below and see a little of how it went down…

I didn’t realize it til afterwards, but it marked 15 years since the first Hip-Hop show we did in Sarnia. Back in the day we were the 423 Clik and myself, MT and P-Deuce used to DJ and perform at an all ages club – The Juke Joint. Back in 1996, I was on stage kicking freestyles while my friends were taking it in. Now 15 years later, it was me, MT and P Deuce heading to 7-11 after the club like we used to do. We were even able to connect with fellow 423 Clik member DJ Cub who was back visiting from Taiwan. The last time I’d seen him was over there – in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Last year, he helped set up our first tour in Asia. When it became it success, it led to us coming back six months later – this past spring. Now we’re planning our third tour in Asia for later on in 2011.

The best part about the night was realizing that 15 years ago we talked about “doing it big” and going worldwide and now we had done it… and are doing it. While one of the original members was missing that night – our man Diz Dallas who lives in Taiwan now as well – his presence was felt when I performed my last song of the night – “Unfinished Business” – a song he produced. It turned out to be the biggest track of the night.

I’m looking forward to 2011… we’ve got shows coming up in France, Netherlands, and England… but it’s always fun to come back home… especially when its a smaller place – cause if you developed an ego, or lost a step – they going to let you know! haha

Shoutout to DJ Monk for putting on a dope show…JD and the Cru – especially the Cru girls who became my dancers on stage… lol… my man Tracy who busted some ill breakdancing moves… and to the girl that threw her bra on the stage… Thank you lol

Happy New Year yallllll!


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