Art of Fresh Release Party

On Friday night we celebrated the release of our album “When The Night Comes In” with a party at Czehoski’s downtown Toronto… Album release parties are always a great time… you’ve got your fam, your friends, and fans coming out to celebrate… how could it go wrong? The evening began at the hotel catching up with my peeps from The Come Up show… although we were doing an interview, it was bigger than that because we’ve been working together for the last few years, so it was good that they were able to come early to get in on the celebration. It was the only interview we scheduled before the show. We had to give them the exclusive because like their slogan, Real Recognize Real!

Interview with the Come Up Show

Look for the interview to appear soon at After the interview, it was time to rehearse for the show… Without mics, we had to substitute with a blackberry and a flipcam… did the job though!

Rehearsal for show

Soon it was time to hit the jam… and hit the stage! This is a look at how we put it down..

Setting it off at Czehoski's

Slakah rocking the mic

Conductin thangs...

Everything was going smooth and the crowd was hype but then we ran into a slight problem… At first I thought Nana was dropping the beat in the middle of my verse so I expecting him to bring it back in… but as my verse finished, I realized it was something else – the Serato messed up and Nana had to reboot the computer… We’ve done hundreds of shows, but this was the first time it happened in the middle of a set!

What could have been several minutes of deadtime, turned out to be an opportunity for us to do what we do best – get a freestyle popping! There was a piano on stage and Slakah started playing Enjoy Yourself… I started freestyling and Slakah came in singing the hook… By the time the computer was back up, we were ready to finish off the set with Out This World. We closed the curtains and were ready to chill but then we were called back out to rock an encore!

D.O. , Slakah and DJ Nana gettin it hype!

After the set we got a chance to chill and kick it… Here’s a look at the rest of the night…

Legends in the building! D.L. Incognito, G. Stokes, Khalel

Art of Fresh girls

Instead of a merch booth we had our two Art of Fresh girls holding down the merch all night…by the end of the night seemed like everyone had a Hoody or T Shirt!

Kicking it with the legendary Maestro Fresh Wes

All in all a great release party and perfect way to get ready for the album to drop! Unfortunately there were no cameras around after the venue shut down… another freestyle session popped off this one with myself, Rich Kidd, I James Jones, and DL Incognito… ahhh yeaaah!

Click here to Purchase “When The Night Comes In” from Itunes…

Shout out to Relz and Anna Keenan for pics!

He’s far from just a DJ… Shout out to DJ Nana for organizing the event and including it in the It’s A Party series… a weekly every Friday at Czehoski’s.


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