Women and Hip-Hop

This weekend I checked out an event called “Where The Ladies At?” that talked about Women in Hip-Hop…

I got there and it was packed! I had to stand up in the back…

There aren’t many female MC’s in the game – let alone Canada, so it was good to hear from pioneers like Michie, Motion and Lady P and new MC’s like Isis

One thing they said hit me though…

Motion said we have to shout out the mothers because they are also Women of Hip-Hop…

I hadn’t thought of it like that before.  Part of the reason was because of the support their mothers offered them  – encouragement in a male dominated industry, but also the practical help of baby sitting when you have to go to the studio, perform, etc.

It made me think of my mother… Looking at her you would consider her “Hip-Hop” but there is no doubt that I wouldn’t be where I’m at without the support and guidance from my mother.

Yesterday I spoke to a woman who wants me to come to an event to speak to a group of all boys.  We were talking about how Hip-Hop is as masculine as it comes but alot of rappers are raised by single mothers and thus their ideas of masculinity are shaped through their mothers.

I mean I’m a grown man and all but I’d have a hard time playing a video for my mom where I have scantily clad women dancing back and forth for no reason…

One of my favorite female MC’s right now is Eternia…if you haven’t heard check it out!


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