Asia Tour Blog 4 – Taiwan

Chillin early on Friday afternoon in Kaohsiung… just getting ready to leave the hotel on our way to Taichung.

The last week has gone by in a blur… we set it off last Friday at a club here called Dreams.  Huge club… Packed house and the crowd was wild!

It was great to hear the DJ spinnin some Canadian heat!  Several tracks from Kardi and when Belly’s “Hot Girl” came on I had to get my groove on on the dancefloor!

Saturday it was off to Taipei where we caught a glimpse of the Taipei tower – one of the tallest buildings in the world.  We played at a reggae roots bar so definitely an island vibe going on.  Alot of foreigners in the place from everywhere from the U.S. to Germany.  Even saw some cats I knew from back home!

After rocking the show we headed next door to a wild after party… one of the biggest clubs I’ve seen in my life! People go hard here… dancing til 7 or 8 in the morning.

Sunday it was back to Kaohsiung and we rocked the DC Stage.  Smaller, intimate venue but had a chance to meet everyone in the spot which is always good… Even met a woman who offered us to use her beach house on a small island off of Taiwan.. unfortunately we couldn’t take her up on the offer as we had a hectic schedule, but still.  Got to appreciate the gesture…

Last few days have been spent making music and kicking it in the beach town of Kenting…

Only a few days left til we head home so got to make the most of it!

Kickin it in kenting

Big shout out to the fans from Germany!


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