Asia Tour Blog 1 – Day 1 and 2 in Tokyo

DAY 1 – Tokyo, Japan

In a rush after traveling for 21 hours…

We didn’t have time for jet leg.  After the 13 hour flight and a 2 and a half hour drive into the city from the airport, we were on an Amazing Race like hustle to make it to the venue in time for the show.  For awhile it wasn’t looking good…but you know we didn’t come this far only to miss out on rocking it in Tokyo… right!?

We were supposed to go on at 7 pm… I guess some shows start early here.  Thought we’d have time because our flight landed at 3, but bumper to bumper traffic coming into the city meant we dropped our luggage at the hotel and bounced immediately. We took a taxi to save time and made it to the train station where we were supposed to meet the promoter.  We called him from a pay phone but he wasn’t picking up.  But no problem, I’d printed a map to the venue from the website.

That’s when the next adventure began.  There must have been 50,000 people outside of the train station.  Like – for real.  It was that crazy.  Made Times Square seem like Petrolia.  On top of that it was raining, so everyone had umbrellas.  We tried to bob and weave thru the crowd without losing an eye.  We stopped at least 15 people and asked them to help us decipher the map.  Most didn’t speak English.  The ones that did were confused with the directions on the map.  Finally we got ahold of the promoter and he met up with us to bring us to the club.

In addition to being the promoter, he’s also an artist – Hiro-a-key – and we were opening for his CD release party.  He led us down a backalley to a spot we would never have found on our own… we walked down a few flights of stairs to “The Plug” and it was on!  After thinking that we may not make it to perform, we didn’t need a reason to get hype.   The place was filling up nice and by the time we went on it was rammed.

We had a printed map from the venues website but it was no help. We’d stop and ask people but they couldn’t even decipher it. Finally we were able to find a pay phone and call the promoter who came and met us and led us to a backalley where the club was.

From there it was on! We were just glad we made it and even though we were late it was all good… more and more people were coming into the spot and by the time we hit the stage the place was rammed.

We tore thru our set and the crowd was diggin it… even though they weren’t the ‘hands in the air’ type –  it was crazy that when Out This World came on people were singing the lyrics! The power of the internet… it was wild.

We chilled at the venue to watch Hiro-a-key tear it up… Came out with a full band and ripped it! Homie even did an ill R&B rendition of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”!  you’d have to see it to believe it…

After the show we hit a sushi spot… first time I’ve been to a sushi ‘bar’ – you place your order and it comes on a conveyor belt… fresh!

After that it was time to learn the subway system and head back to the hotel room. At this point we’d been up for at least 30 hours so we had some well deserved rest!


We kicked off day 2 with an illmatic breakfast buffet… everything from bacon and eggs to miso soup and some food that i’ve never seen in my life but tasted great… I ain’t scared to try something new!

Me and Slaks wrote an ill track and I got my coffee on at the vending machine… can’t believe the can comes out hot!

In the afternoon we went exploring and checked out the sites… ended up spending a lot of time in the Japanese version of the Future Shop… 9 floor electronic superstore… they got every and anything there.

Now we back in the hotel room and ya boy Slakah is passed out… It’s 6 am Toronto time but just 8 pm here… I don’t think we’re heading out anywhere else tonight. Going to check the fish market in the morning.

Now going to a fish market may not seem like a big thing, but from everyone from the cats last night to the tour books that’s the one thing you have to do when you come to Tokyo.  The freshest fish you’ll taste in the world comes from the fish market.

Right about now I’m bout to hit the makeshift studio… you’ve got to give it up for my invention.  See we brought a mic but couldn’t fit a mic stand in the suitcase so we knew we were going to have to get creative.  I unscrewed the lightbulb from the lamp and what do you know, the mic fits perfectly in.  So right about now s’ on!

Slakah chillin with Hiro-a-key

2 big Art of Fresh fans in Tokyo


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